2017 Actions Austria 2017

Solidarity action for prisoners in Graz and worldwide

In a world that seems to consist only of isolation and fragmentation,
prisons are the most obvious symbol of oppression. Our struggle against
prisons is a struggle against the society that builds them and uses them
to exclude those who chose not to live in conformity.

In solidarity with prisoners worldwide we dropped a banner close to the
Karlau prison in Graz, Austria. A place of daily repression for hundreds
of people that face more than three years of prison. And a place where
prisoners with alleged “mental problems” are held for an indefinite
period of time.

The banner reads: Freiheit für alle Gefangenen – Freedom for all

Down with prison walls and the world that needs them!

Solidarity to those who face repression. Solidarity to all who struggle.

The Karlau prison (the orange light in the right part of the picture
indicates one of the prison’s buildings) is one of the biggest prisons
in Austria. On August 26 2017 some anarchists expressed their solidarity
with the prisoners.

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