Report of the HAMR event on the soli week 2017

From 23rd to 30th August, 2017, the international solidarity week for anarchist prisoners was held for the fifth time. Helsinki Anarchist Black Cross (Helsingin Anarkistinen musta risti, HAMR) organised as a part of the week an event with a speaker, bingo and food on Sunday 27th. The speaker was Oleg Volin from Moscow and he presented the situation with anti-authoritarian prisoners in Russia. At the moment, there were 3 comrades in the prison two being recently released. After the presentation and questions time, there was a short update about the situation with the G20-arrestees. Then it was time for food and bingo! Continue reading “Report of the HAMR event on the soli week 2017”

Solidarity event in Zlin, Czech

One more solidarity event took place in Czech republic, in town called Zlín. As few other similar events, we were talking about isolation in prison and ways how we can support prisoners, more specifically – writing letters. We raised some money for Anarchist Black Cross and wrote several postcards.

Graffiti in support of Anarchists Prisoners in Tomsk, Russia

During periods of economic crises class contradictions also become more acute. The state, trying to keep power of big capital, turns to open terror. Under the hammer of the police state felt our comrades Alexander Kolchenko, Ilya Romanov and Dmitry Buchenkov, Belarusian antifascists. By fabricating cases, policemen want to punish anarchists for their activity. In this moment, we need morally support the prisoners. Actions of solidarity show that they are not alone, that there are people who continue to struggle. We will not be indifferent to the fate of our comrades. Solidarity is our weapon! Continue reading “Graffiti in support of Anarchists Prisoners in Tomsk, Russia”

Solidarity event in Brno, Czech

On the 30th of August an solidarity event took place. There was a talk about importance of supporting prisoners by writing letters, and other means of solidarity. We also screened the 5th episode of documentary anarchist show Trouble about first-hand experience of people, whose communities and groups were infiltrated by cops, and digital surveillance in the modern world. We wrote and sent lots of postcards to prisoners. Continue reading “Solidarity event in Brno, Czech”