Montevideo, Uruguay. Expressions of solidarity and support for anarchist prisoners.

By and for those with a rebellious spirit, who do not give in to the viciousness of the repressive apparatuses of the state. May these expressions of solidarity serve as encouragement to continue breathing and fighting against this system of oppression.Down with the prison society and freedom for all! PANCARTA Y GIGANTOGRAFIAS (in the framework …

Komotini Northen Greece, Freedom to Prisoner Anarchists Around the World

As part of the week of solidarity actions with the imprisoned Anarchistscomrades, we hung banners in the municipal library of Komotini and threw leaflets in the central square, in central points and in neighborhoods of the city. Unrepentant Comrades Are Not Alone Solidarity Knows No Borders revolutionary greetingsAnarchy Squat Utopia A.D.Komotini Northen Greece