This was 6th international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

The sixth year of the solidarity week ended up with nearly 60 events and actions happening all around the world. Austria, Germany, Poland, Greece, France, Netherlands,Georgia, Russia, Italy, Czech, Belarus, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Rojava, Australia, Mexico, US, Canada! And this is the list of those events that we got reports from. We hope that there […]

Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Dresden, Germany

Over the run of the week from August 23 to August 30 we have organized 4 events to stress the importance of struggle against repressions and solidarity with anarchists. On the first day we solidarity dinner was served for the fundraising purposes. In atmosphere of real restaurant people were served 3 different dishes for donations. […]

September 1st near Berlin, Germany: infotalk about “Network” terrorist case in Russia

Events dedicated to the “Network” case in Russia took place in two cities in Germany during the days of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists. On August 30th in Munich, in a local independent space and on September 1st on an activist festival near Berlin. Each one had around 30-40 people in attendance. The events started with […]

Madrid, Spain: Sabotage to ATMs in the framework of the International Week in Solidarity with the Anarchist Prisoners

During the International Week in Solidarity with the Anarchist prisoners more than a dozen ATMs in different neighborhoods of Madrid were sabotaged. The tools for this type of sabotage are easy and simple: hammers and sprays. We understand solidarity as the continuity of the struggle that has led our comrades to state prisons. Anarchist solidarity […]

New Fanzine for the week of solidarity: “Never surrender. Compilation of statements and letters of anarchists imprisoned in the social war “

This compilation that you have in your hands arises in the Week of International Solidarity with the Prisoner Anarchists. We have decided to collect statements from comrades before the judges who tried to impose punishment, or letters reflecting from within the walls. His sharp words cut with determination, standing firm against the moral force of […]