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This was 6th international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

The sixth year of the solidarity week ended up with nearly 60 events and actions happening all around the world. Austria, Germany, Poland, Greece, France, Netherlands,Georgia, Russia, Italy, Czech, Belarus, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Rojava, Australia, Mexico, US, Canada! And this is the list of those events that we got reports from. We hope that there […]

Belarus 2018

August 29th in Minsk, Belarus: presentation and the evening cancelled by cops

News from Minsk: the presentation planned on 29.08. and the evening were discomfit – canceled after the phone-call from authorities to the event location. We recorded a video presentation and published our report on the page RUSSIAN Новость из Минска! Нашу презентацию и вечер сорвали – отменили после звонка по месту проведения. Мы записали […]