This was 6th international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

The sixth year of the solidarity week ended up with nearly 60 events and actions happening all around the world. Austria, Germany, Poland, Greece, France, Netherlands,Georgia, Russia, Italy, Czech, Belarus, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Rojava, Australia, Mexico, US, Canada! And this is the list of those events that we got reports from. We hope that there were even more of those.

The scale of this year which happened on 4 different continents is filling us with hope that the matter of solidarity in anarchist circles is present and our comrades behind the bars are not forgotten!

This year’s week is over as well as a long work for us as an organizing group. We were happy that so many people replied to our call with their solidarity actions – thank you all! If you want to join organizing crew for the next year write us to (we would love some ABC group vouching for you, otherwise your participation will be limited).

With solidarity, Organizing crew

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