September 1st near Berlin, Germany: infotalk about “Network” terrorist case in Russia

Events dedicated to the “Network” case in Russia took place in two cities in Germany during the days of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists. On August 30th in Munich, in a local independent space and on September 1st on an activist festival near Berlin. Each one had around 30-40 people in attendance.

The events started with a description of the political context for the “Network” case: Oleg Sencov’s hunger strike, law enforcement using torture in various parts of Russia, opression towards media and opposition etc. – reality behind this year’s main events – presidential election and world soccer championship.
The speech was followed by the recently released movie about the case by ROMB, Russian independent news source, with German subtitles.
Events continued with information about each figurant of the case and excerpts of their testimonies about use of torture against them.
Meetings ended with discussions and audience members signing postcards for the prisoners. People took a lot of benefit merch, showed a lot of concern for the fate of the arrested activists and seemed really impressed with their stories.

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