This was 6th international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

The sixth year of the solidarity week ended up with nearly 60 events and actions happening all around the world. Austria, Germany, Poland, Greece, France, Netherlands,Georgia, Russia, Italy, Czech, Belarus, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Rojava, Australia, Mexico, US, Canada! And this is the list of those events that we got reports from. We hope that there were even more of those.

The scale of this year which happened on 4 different continents is filling us with hope that the matter of solidarity in anarchist circles is present and our comrades behind the bars are not forgotten!

This year’s week is over as well as a long work for us as an organizing group. We were happy that so many people replied to our call with their solidarity actions – thank you all! If you want to join organizing crew for the next year write us to tillallarefree@riseup.net (we would love some ABC group vouching for you, otherwise your participation will be limited).

With solidarity, Organizing crew

Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Dresden, Germany

Over the run of the week from August 23 to August 30 we have organized 4 events to stress the importance of struggle against repressions and solidarity with anarchists. On the first day we solidarity dinner was served for the fundraising purposes. In atmosphere of real restaurant people were served 3 different dishes for donations. ABC Dresden organizing those events every 3-6 months and this time the turn up was over 60 people. For monday 27th screening of documentary “Sacco and Vanzetti” was planned, however big mobilization of nazis to german city of Chemnitz forced us to cancel screening and join the antinazi mobilization. However the food was still surved. Tuesday we watched a documentary “Syria’s disappointed” about the repressions of Syrian state against those fighting it. The last event on 29th was about two repression cases in Berlin – people from the support group gave a talk on that issue.

All in all we find the week brought to the light a lot of different questions, that people in Dresden don’t have to deal normally as repression level against anarchists in the city is not really high. We also believe that this week helped us to move on with establishing real solidarity culture in case of repressions not only with your friends but with the anarchists all around the world.

September 1st near Berlin, Germany: infotalk about “Network” terrorist case in Russia

Events dedicated to the “Network” case in Russia took place in two cities in Germany during the days of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists. On August 30th in Munich, in a local independent space and on September 1st on an activist festival near Berlin. Each one had around 30-40 people in attendance.

The events started with a description of the political context for the “Network” case: Oleg Sencov’s hunger strike, law enforcement using torture in various parts of Russia, opression towards media and opposition etc. – reality behind this year’s main events – presidential election and world soccer championship.
The speech was followed by the recently released movie about the case by ROMB, Russian independent news source, with German subtitles.
Events continued with information about each figurant of the case and excerpts of their testimonies about use of torture against them.
Meetings ended with discussions and audience members signing postcards for the prisoners. People took a lot of benefit merch, showed a lot of concern for the fate of the arrested activists and seemed really impressed with their stories.

Madrid, Spain: Sabotage to ATMs in the framework of the International Week in Solidarity with the Anarchist Prisoners

During the International Week in Solidarity with the Anarchist prisoners more than a dozen ATMs in different neighborhoods of Madrid were sabotaged. The tools for this type of sabotage are easy and simple: hammers and sprays.

We understand solidarity as the continuity of the struggle that has led our comrades to state prisons.
Anarchist solidarity is much more than mere written word or an assistance work with the prisoners.
This solidarity is materialized in the attack on the structures of capitalism and the State and seeks to deepen the conflict through direct action.

Down the walls of the prisons. Long live Anarchy!

For the repressed comrades by Operation Scripta Manent!

For the repressed comrades after the G20 summit in Hamburg!

For Indonesian anarchists prosecuted after May 1!

For Lisa and all the imprisoned anarchists!


New Fanzine for the week of solidarity: “Never surrender. Compilation of statements and letters of anarchists imprisoned in the social war “

This compilation that you have in your hands arises in the Week of International Solidarity with the Prisoner Anarchists. We have decided to collect statements from comrades before the judges who tried to impose punishment, or letters reflecting from within the walls. His sharp words cut with determination, standing firm against the moral force of the law and his henchmen. This point of no return that characterizes us anarchists, where giving up means to stop living, is transmitted not only with the actions for which they were physically locked up but also by their combative attitude against the people who hold the power of their bodies in those moments.

We do not have to have an affinity with everything that is expressed here, we simply want to express its strength in a tangible way as a form of solidarity.

From here, in the streets, now and always we send encouragement and anger at Lisa, the comrades of Scripta Manent, at 9 in Turin, all those arrested because of the G20 revolts, those imprisoned because of the May 1 events in Yogyakarta, Juan Aliste and Marcelo Villarroel , the prisoners of the CCF and all the repressed partners around the globe who we can not mention because we would need thousands of pages.

Rage and attack against all domination!
Down the walls that enclose our lives!

Solidarity Anonymous, August 2018


-Declaration by Alfredo Cospito

-Written by Lisa, anarchist prisoner in Aachen for robbery

-Political statement of Panagiotis Argyrou for the trial for the attempted escape of the CCF

-Discussion before the Judge for the events of 29-M

– Cedar letter on charges of conspiracy, Baton prison and solidarity