Free Azat – 2. September 2023 International Day of Solidarity with Azat

Since 2019 Azat Miftakhov has been imprisoned by the authorities of the Russian Federation. Azat is a young Mathematician and doctoral student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, and an Anarchist activist. He was sent to pre-trial detention for two years before being sentenced to a six-year prison term on trumped-up charges based on false testimony acquired through torture.

According to a report by a Russian news site, the Russian authorities have opened a new criminal case against Azat Miftakhov, accusing him of “incitement to terrorism.” The new charge, under Article 205.2, part 1 of Russia’s criminal code carries the maximum penalty of a fine of 100,000 to 500,000 roubles or a prison term of two to five years. 

Azat is currently scheduled to be released on parole from the prison colony in Omutninsk on September 4, 2023. Despite an escalating series of punishments against Azat on various made-up pretexts in the last two months by the colony administration, it seemed possible that he may indeed be released on September 4, as scheduled, even if under significant restrictions.

However, this new charge appears to indicate that the Russian authorities intend to keep Azat imprisoned.

Azat supporters are holding an international day of solidarity to demand his release on Saturday, September 2, 2023, with rallies in many cities around the world.

Join with your own action!

Those who cannot attend these rallies and wish to show their solidarity with Azat can take a photo with the FREE AZAT 04.09 poster in front of a university or any recognizable landmark in their city and email it to the FreeAzat campaign ( The photos will be published from September 3. Additional instructions are available here.

A petition of July 23, 2023, demanding Azat’s release (Liberté pour Azat Miftakhov !) is currently open for signing.

In solidarity,

The Azat Miftakhov Committee

Further Information are available here:

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