Thanks for your contributions!

The international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners 2023 is over and we had many contributions this year. It was a great time to see messages of solidarity showing up every day from all over the world.

We want to send huge thanks to all the comrades out there that joined the call. Thanks to everyone who did support us on social media, who did banner drops, postering actions, movie screenings, presentations, letter writings, tattoo events, radio shows or something else to support the WOSWAP 2023!

This year people from so called Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Indonesia, Chile, USA, Uruguay, Spain, Ukrain, Bangladesh, Russia, Belarus, Czech, Finnland, France, Georgia and a lot of other places we just don’t know about joined the week. 

We are happy especially about the contributions from behind the bars. Again this year we got letters from imprisoned comrades – thank you so much! We hope we could make your struggles visible and get your words out there! But besides letters from behind bars we received something even better: An anarchist comrade from Germany, Thomas Meyer-Falk was released from a 27 years prison sentence during the week! This is great news, but considering the fact that there are so many more anarchists still imprisoned we cant stop here and continue to demand FREEDOM TO ALL PRISONERS AROUND THE WORLD – FREEDOM TO THE MEMBERS OF THE REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE!

Even though the week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners is now over please remember – solidarity is not something we do just for one week. We have to continuously support each other. During the week we highlight and emphasize the struggles of imprisonment especially – after the week we need to continue the support of the comrades that got taken from us by the states we fight, by the cops we hate and by the system we want to destroy. As we are all part of the anarchist movement we should never forget the ones who fought and fight against the injustice. So please continue to write letters, continue to drop banners and continue to stay connected with our imprisoned comrades.

Break the isolation!
No one is free, till all are free!

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