Contribution to the Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners from Biel (Swiss)

Also this year the Solidarity Week for Anarchist Prisoners takes place worldwide. Especially in these times of increasing contradictions, it is important not to forget the prisoners. From different currents and on different ways all these (and many more) prisoners have one thing in common, they fight for a future worth living without domination and oppression!

The prisoners and also the fallen should be a signpost for us on the way to a world free of domination. They show us that accepting nothing and wanting to change everything also comes with the risk of death, imprisonment or going into hiding. Let them know that we see their struggles, that we are inspired and motivated by them, and most importantly, that we continue to fight in the meantime!

As a small sign of this, a banner with names of many anarchist prisoners, from Chile to Belarus, from Italy to Greece and from the USA to Indonesia, hangs above the river Schüss in Biel. Take a look at the current list of anarchist prisoners and write to the comrades.


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