Solidarity banner in Philadelphia, US

As a contribution to the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners and to the nationwide prison strike a banner was hung on Market Street near 46th Street train station. Solidarity with anarchist and rebel prisoners! Fire to the Prisons!

Germany 2018

Solidarity from Rostock, Germany

On saturday 25th august f gathering of 20 persons of the small town Rostock in the North-east Germany were held to reminde about the anarchists and antifascists, who were arrested and tortured in custody in Russia. The Activists wanted to show, that they are angry and sad about the situation of theire like-minded friends in […]

2017 Actions Austria 2017

Solidarity from austrian Alps

We send our solidarity to all anarchist prisoners of the world. Love and anarchy! For the destruction of state and capital! All prisons shall burn! Freedom for all incarcerated fighters!