Music in solidarity with anarchist prisoners: Bleaeck ‘The Sun/Diffusion’ album release (For ‘Till All Are Free’) it’s been nearly two years since Thuh & Bleaeck released our initial mainstream musical publication, ‘Strike!’ in solidarity with the national prison strike of 09/09/16.  Now, we’re pleased to schedule the third part of this year’s trilogy during the annual week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners and a renewed prison strike action. ‘The Sun/Diffusion’ […]

Crimethinc: Taking a Global View of Repression The Prison Strike and the Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

In the United States, a practically unprecedented prison strike is underway, setting new precedents for coordination between struggles in prisons and detention centers and for solidarity from those not behind bars. Meanwhile, August 23-30 is also the sixth annual week of global solidarity with anarchist prisoners, when anarchists around the world coordinate solidarity struggles between […]

August 29th in Prague, Czech republic: benefit tattoo evening for anarchists persecuted and tortured in Russia

On August 29th 2018 in social centre KLINIKA in Prague an event took place for solidarity with anarchist comrades imprisoned in Russia. Event was organized by a local ABC group and people could get a tattoo for some benefit donation. Collected money will help to cover legal costs, material support and other needs of campaign. […]

August 29th in Minsk, Belarus: presentation and the evening cancelled by cops

News from Minsk: the presentation planned on 29.08. and the evening were discomfit – canceled after the phone-call from authorities to the event location. We recorded a video presentation and published our report on the page RUSSIAN Новость из Минска! Нашу презентацию и вечер сорвали – отменили после звонка по месту проведения. Мы записали […]

August 28th in Murmansk, Russia: event of solidarity with political/anarchists prisoners

On August 28, an event of solidarity with political prisoners-anarchists was held in Murmansk. Within the framework of the solidarity week, a film screening of “In the Name of the Father” was organized in the city. Before the screening, the audience could donate some money and get some hot tea and vegan cuisine. All donations […]