Three actions of solidarity in Moscow, Russia

Moscow anarchists hung a banner on the fence of the Italian embassy. With this we want to express our solidarity with the imprisoned comrades from Italy: Marina Porku, Mikolam Marino, Pierroleto Falanca, Giovanni Gezzi, Roberto Cropo, Salvatore Vespetino, Sandro Carovac, Nicola Almergone.

Solidarity action for prisoners in Graz and worldwide

In a world that seems to consist only of isolation and fragmentation, prisons are the most obvious symbol of oppression. Our struggle against prisons is a struggle against the society that builds them and uses them to exclude those who chose not to live in conformity.

Solidarity action in Vienna

In the morning of 21 August 2017, 2 banners saying “Burn all prisons” and “Freiheit für alle Gefangenen” (“Freedom for all prisoners”) were dropped from the Votiv-Church in the course of the “Week of solidarity for anarchist prisoners”. Down with all prisons! In the soceity, in our lifes, in our heads! They swallow those who […]