This was international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners 2017

August has passed and with it, once again, the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners. This year over 20 different solidarity actions were reported to us. The actions took place in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Austria, Finland, Czech, Turkey and we hope in many more other places! Graffiti, letters writing events, presentations, screenings, banner drops, and more, is a list of actions people did this year. You can see the compilation of pictures from different events here. We would like to thank all those who spent some time organizing the week – it was amazing to get in touch with people from different parts of the world and get their reports. The week managed to create small bridges between the places that we normally don’t hear about. It managed to push the topic of anarchist prisoners and importance of their support a little bit further! Although the week is over, solidarity itself is not limited for August. We would like to encourage people to continue supporting comrades and not forgetting about them in struggle. We are all in this together and we will not rest till all are free! Till the next year With solidarity greetings Orga group

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