Writing workshop for prisoners in Koblenz (Germany)

Koblenz General Syndicate (Free Workers Union) from Germany:

It’s International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners again. That’s why we sent letters and postcards to prisoners. We organised this writing workshop together with the Antirepression Platform Koblenz.

A large part of our work in the union remains invisible from the outside: as wage earners we support each other in our everyday struggles at the workplace and in other areas of life. We argue with our bosses, educate ourselves, exchange ideas, help each other in our everyday lives, go hiking together, play chess and also participate together in the social struggles in our city.

What unites us is the struggle for a society that is not oriented towards profit interests, but towards the needs of the people. This struggle also unites us with comrades all over the world. But while we spent a pleasant late afternoon in Herlet’s garden, others are behind bars for their efforts.

We always want to draw attention to this and show solidarity with the prisoners. Sometimes symbolically, like on our walk two years ago. Sometimes practically, like last year with a big tattoo action and a donation to the Anarchist Black Cross Dresden. In addition to the actual writing, this year comrades designed and produced postcards with beautiful motifs.


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