2021 Finland General International

Prisoner Solidarity from Helsinki (Finland)

Comrades in Helsinki, Finland had an evening with food and writing letters to anarchist prisoners at social center Makamik. The food was tasty and free and a many letters were written to comrades around the world. Solidarity,love & rage to all anarchists facing repression! Burn down the prisons!

2021 General International Uruguay

¨Una cárcel que funciona, es una sociedad que fracasa¨ – Montevideo (Uruguay)

In the context of the international week of solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists, comrades send you this graffiti painted in the center of the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. “A prison that works, is a society that fails”.

2021 General Germany International

Writing workshop for prisoners in Koblenz (Germany)

Koblenz General Syndicate (Free Workers Union) from Germany: It’s International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners again. That’s why we sent letters and postcards to prisoners. We organised this writing workshop together with the Antirepression Platform Koblenz. A large part of our work in the union remains invisible from the outside: as wage earners we […]