Belarus 2020

Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Baranovichi

Yesterday an international week of action in support of anarchist prisoners began. We took the opportunity to put up a table with postcards for Belarusian political prisoners and called people to solidarity. The 100 prepared cards were enough just for a couple of minutes, and this was the response to our call! We very much […]

Germany 2020

Letter Writing in Berlin

In Berlin, the anarchist groups Sabot44 and Perspektive Selbstverwaltung organized a joint letter-writing campaign to the international prisoners. Postcards were painted in advance. In this way messages could be sent to forty comrades behind bars to break their isolation. In addition, a banner was hung up that drew special attention to the situation of the […]

General Materials

Prison letters – support people behind the bars!

All around the world people are getting locked up because of their political or social struggles. Those people in many cases are left alone inside of the prison system that tries to crash them with all the power it has. However writing letters to the prisoners might be one of those small straws that will […]

General USA 2019

NYC ABC: Solidarity With International Anarchist Political Prisoners

Many imprisoned anarchists will never be acknowledged as ‘political prisoners’ by formal human-rights organizations, because their sense of social justice is strictly limited to the capitalist laws which are designed to defend the State and prevent any real social change. At the same time, even within our individual communities, we know so little about the […]

2017 Actions Czech 2017

Solidarity event in Zlin, Czech

One more solidarity event took place in Czech republic, in town called Zlín. As few other similar events, we were talking about isolation in prison and ways how we can support prisoners, more specifically – writing letters. We raised some money for Anarchist Black Cross and wrote several postcards.

2017 Actions Austria 2017

Solidarity Action in Vienna

On the 24th of August we did a small presentation about 3 anarchist prisoners and a letter writing workshop in Vienna. Later we made a solidarity photo. The banner says “Freedom for all Prisoners! Fire and Flame to the Prison Society!”

2017 Actions Russia 2017

Letter writing event in Murmansk, Russia

Yesterday, on August 27, within the framework of anarchist library “Free North’ (Murmansk, Russia) we held the events of International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. Visitors of the library wrote letters to prisoners, look through and took to read books on prison issue, donate money for Anarchist Black Cross and got to know each […]

2017 Actions Belarus 2017

Day of solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Minsk

Last Saturday Minsk has joined the International Week of Solidarity with anarchist prisoners– a marathon of actions and events happening around the world from 23 to 30 August. Yesterday we were remembering not only Belarusian anarchist prisoners but also comrades from around the world, that are serving their time behind the bars of the repressive […]

2017 Actions General Russia 2017

Letter writing evening in Irkutsk, Russia

On August 20, on the eve of “Week of solidarity for anarchist prisoners» in Irkutsk activists decided to hold small gathering with writing letters to political prisoners (including comrades, who suffer in torture chambers abroad) and collecting money for the ABC. We consider it important to publish this call to all anarchists to take part […]