Tbilisi, 28/08: lecture about prison and letter writing to prisoners

Dedicated to those who have always been against the state press, who believe that Ukraine needs peace, and Russia and Belarus need freedom. The Week will be held for the 9th time on August 23-30.
We will write postcards and letters together and tell you how to compose a text if you have not done it before.
The lecture part will discuss the legitimacy of the penitentiary system and the persecution of dissenters.

Speakers will include:
Alexander Migursky (Egalite Magazine)
Katya Vanslova (Team Against Torture)
Sasha Starost (support for anti-war prisoners “Black February”)

Repression is intensifying, and solidarity is needed more than ever: in friendly circles, at work, with our neighbors, in all communities outside and inside the walls erected between us. Let’s break down this prison!

We are waiting for you in the space of
Antizona (8 Tchorokhi St), August 28, 7:00 pm

organized by political migrants from Russia

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