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New Zine: Starting an Anarchist Black Cross – A Guide

The Anarchist Black Cross is an international network of anarchist groups and individuals engaged in practical solidarity with prisoners and broader anti-repression struggles that started over 100 years ago.

This zine is a resource for anyone wanting to start an Anarchist Black Cross group. It was a collective effort of people from various ABC groups across Europe. We hope you find it inspiring and useful.

Inside you can find articles and resources on:

  • What is the Anarchist Black Cross and why does it exist?
  • How do ABC groups organise
  • What do ABC groups do
  • An overview of international days of solidarity
  • Top tips for fundraising
  • How to keep an ABC group going
  • Taking care of each other while doing ABC work
  • Resources

Download a copy for reading (8mb): ABC Zine Small for Download

Download a high resolution version for printing (30mb): ABC Zine Pages – High Res

This zine is dedicated to Anna Campbell. Anna was killed by Turkish forces while fighting alongside Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in the defence of Afrin in March 2018. Anna was a dedicated member of Bristol Anarchist Black Cross and took her commitment to solidarity and mutual aid to her grave.

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Downloading the smaller pdf file got a warning about malware in the file from my computer’s antivirus software. I have to read it online via my browser. And I get a network error trying to access the larger file whether through downloading or reading through the browser – there’s an ssl (https) issue with the server it’s stored on. Thought you ought to know – it needs to be dealt with if you want people to download the material. Hate the idea the state is trying infiltration through malware!

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