Warsaw, 27.08: benefit for ABC Belarus + letter writing

Anarchists are always against prisons, but unfortunately many of our comrades are imprisoned because of their struggle for freedom.

At the end of August there is an International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners https://solidarity.international/

So far we know of more than 100 anarchist prisoners from Chile to Turkey. In Belarus, 28 people are on trial or imprisoned for ‘anarchist’ and ‘anti-fascist’ causes.

Only solidarity can break down prison walls. Solidarity is our weapon against isolation and violence.

On the occasion of Week of Solidarity, together with ABC Warsaw and ADA Pulawska Social Centre we are organising a benefit for anarchist prisoners. During the event you will be able to taste delicious homemade pizza, write letters to anarchist prisoners around the world, and dance!

You will also be able to make a donation to the Anarchist Black Cross Belarus.

ADA Puławska Social Center (37 Puławska Street)

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