Highway cut + canvas in solidarity with Monica and Francisco in the international week of solidarity with the anarchist prisoners

Prisons, cameras, police, snitches, drones, debts and mortgages, labor contracts have been some of its devices and mechanisms to reduce our lives to the sad imperative of producing and consuming. Even in this desolate landscape, surrounded by cement, smog, buildings and horns, there are bodies that resist. From the resistances and uprisings, from the dissidences and desertions of the constituted orders, we have built and won friendships in all territories and all times, from the most remote to the closest. We have inherited the conviction of those who have made of their lives a permanent conflict, always disobedient to the logic of power and capital. The coherence of living and fighting is a flame that spreads and encourages us to continue.

For some time now we have known that one of the favorite enemies of the capitalist democracies has been the anarchists. We are aware of the studies that they dedicate to us, of the profiles that they construct to identify us, of the derisory articles of their experts that try to find our ideas, of the pathetic university chairs carried out, that fix it as the new international threat. Even so, they will only continue to know us by our actions, our explosions, our confrontations, which will continue to overflow their legal and police apparatus. We will continue to break their calculations and forecasts, their security will be constantly under siege. For you, defenders of order, from the opacity that covers us, our attacks will be charged with deep hatred. For our friends and partners, all the love.

Before each enemy’s blow we lick our wounds and share again the laughter and the audacity to live with our heads held high, even inside their cages. A month ago they imprisoned the comrades Monica and Francisco, as a greeting to them and framed in the international week of solidarity for the anarchist presxs we decided to make a coordinated action that consisted of a road block with tires on the highway and the deployment of a canvas from a nearby walkway (with the message: MONICA AND FRANCISCO TO THE STREET! and a symbol of giant anarchy in the middle) along with the launch of artifices. From this modest gesture we send strength and courage to the newly fallen compas in the clutches of power, to the ones who fell in the revolt and to the ones who for years have been continuing their struggle from prison.


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