Week of solidarity in Montevideo, Uruguay

Week of solidarity in Uruguay

In the framework of the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, from Montevideo, we adhered to it by generating two activities in order to problematize and debate about the prison and the continuity of the struggle outside and inside it.

This August 23 – date of the execution of the anarchists Saco and Vanzetti – we invite to participate in the first activity where we will share projections of different audiovisuals to debate, reflect and exchange experiences and opinions about those who face day to day against the state and capitalism.

At the end of the week of agitation, we call for a concentration on Saturday, August 29, with the intention of demonstrating in the streets that international solidarity is not just the written word but is woven day by day with our like-minded compas.

For the freedom of all our comrades in prison!

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