August 28th in Murmansk, Russia: event of solidarity with political/anarchists prisoners

On August 28, an event of solidarity with political prisoners-anarchists was held in Murmansk.

Within the framework of the solidarity week, a film screening of “In the Name of the Father” was organized in the city.

Before the screening, the audience could donate some money and get some hot tea and vegan cuisine. All donations were send to the Anarchist Black Cross. Before the beginning of the film there was a short speech, the visitors were told about the “Network” case and watched a small video of the news agency ROMB. This case over the past six months has become a fairly well-known and almost a classic example of “investigating terrorist cases” with the use of all possible torture measures of inquiry. After that we talked about the torture in the police and pre-trial custody. We observed a Meduza’s table, which identifies all reports of torture for 2018, which has not yet ended.

The film itself was very atmospheric. The drama is based on real events – the history of the “Balcombe Street Four”. In 1975, a young Irishman, Jerry Conlon, was sentenced by English justice to life imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. This film shows how the judicial system can work.

After the film screening, the guests were invited to write collective letters to political prisoners, which will be sent in the near future.

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