August 26th, Bern, Germany: transparents for anarchist prisoners

Tonight, the Anarchist Group Bern, the Revolutionary Youth Group Bern and individuals in a joint action have reminded the many anarchist prisoners around the world, such as in Russia, the prisoners of the United States in campaign of the Prison Strike. This was part of the solidarity week for anarchist prisoners. Inside and outside – united we stand! Therefore, on the 28th and 29th of September, let us join the fight of all anarchists and take the protest against Erdogan, Steinmeier and all other rulers to the streets.

After the determined protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg, the state has blown to chase the radical left. The campaign “united we stand” solidarises with the prisoners. Solidary greetings go out to the two friends from Frankfurt, which became the latest target of repression. More info at:

In Russia, anarchists were abducted and tortured by the state. They are accused of being members of a terrorist group. More information at:

In the US on 21 August a coordinated strike action was called in the US jails. Previously, dozens of anti-fascists had been acquitted of the so-called # J20 protests against Trump’s inauguration. More information at: #prisonstrike

Thousands of revolutionaries are also in jails in Turkey. Nevertheless, the Kurdish movement and anarchists of the DAF defy the regime of Erdogan.



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