Columbia 2020

Commemoration of the victims of violence – please spread the word

“We join the call in all corners of the world to demand and act in solidarity with the prisoners in struggle, the prisons are a center of torture and extermination, we do not forget and do not forgive those who in turn protect the interests of the rich through this disgusting business. To all those […]

Greece 2020

International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners in Komotini Nortern Greece

On Thursday 27/08/2020, as part of the international week of solidarity with inprison comrades around the world, we hung two banners at the western entrance and exit of Komotini, on the railway bridge over the highways. Those Who Forget Inprison Comrades Forget Their Politic Substance Our Solidarity Exceeds the Limits of Their World UTOPIA A.D. […]


“Implementing Solidarity” – Interview with crew behind WoSWAP

This week, various ABC groups around the world are showing solidarity with anarchists in prisons. “We can keep the fires burning in the chests of those imprisoned through autonomous revolutionary love and direct actions “, says the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. In an interview with Alerta, the initiators explain what they are […]