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Benefit cocktails in Prague

The 26th of August was a terribly hot day in Prague, and some vegan food event was happening in Pankrac park. We took Anarchist Black Cross distro and prepared some benefit Fruitov Cocktails (Molotov-Fruitov, if you got our joke, ha-ha”) from fresh veggies and fruits. Some postcards were written for anarchist prisoners as well. This […]


Radiofragmata on the international solidarity week for anarchist prisoners, August, 23rd—30th

It’s been years now that the various state agencies of repression order the conduct of investigation under the sole criterion the suspects’ political status. This is the status of the anarchist, mainly of the one who turns his/her ideas into actions, of the one that arms his/her desires and attacks state authority. So each investigation […]

2017 Actions Austria 2017

Solidarity action in Vienna

In the morning of 21 August 2017, 2 banners saying “Burn all prisons” and “Freiheit für alle Gefangenen” (“Freedom for all prisoners”) were dropped from the Votiv-Church in the course of the “Week of solidarity for anarchist prisoners”. Down with all prisons! In the soceity, in our lifes, in our heads! They swallow those who […]


Compilation of prisoners

For 2017 we have compiled list of prisoners that you can use for your events. The list is actual as of August 2017.


Postcards for the week of solidarity

Here you can find postcards for printing for your events. Can also be used as layout for stickers.