Solidarity tatoos in Koblenz

From 23.08.2020 to 30.08.2020 is again the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. Last year we announced that we would continue to work on the topic of solidarity with prisoners. See the report of our walk.

This year we didn’t appear as ASy Koblenz, but committed comrades* were involved in a soli-tattoo action: Five tattooists* offered a whole range of motives for tattooing in the In Memoriam today. The proceeds will go one to one to the anarchist Black Cross Dresden.

If you missed this date, but still want to get involved with anarchist prisoners, why not write a postcard or letter to the prison? If you don’t know who to write to, browse the pages of various Anarchist Black Cross groups or contact us. You can also get nice postcards from us.

Remember that mail to prison should always have a sender. We can also help if you don’t want to give your own address. As I said: Feel free to talk to us.

As anarchists, we do not only fight for our imprisoned comrades, but for a world without prisons. In the course of the Black Lives Matter protests (especially) in the USA, there was again a broader discussion about whether police, justice and prison are really without alternative. We say “No!” and go even further:

The police and prisons maintain a system in which the one makes protests at the expense of the other. This makes them responsible for far more violence than they supposedly prevent. So it’s high time to think about what really makes our communities safe. Without state, without police and without other profit-oriented gangs of thugs.

With our still ongoing fundraising campaign for the anti-racist prisoners union Oakland Abolition & Solidarity we support the fight of our comrades* who, like us, demand the abolition of prisons and who have understood one thing: It is not enough to fight only the symptoms.

The “misconduct” of the police, racism, police violence, are part of the system and always a manifestation of the economic power relations. Reforming the police force is therefore hardly realistic. Its abolition only if alternatives to capitalism are also considered.

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