Mexico 2019

Mexico City 29.08: Cafeteria el Balcon de Ema Goldman, taller, proyección del ducumental / Cafeteria el Balcon de Ema Goldman, worshops, documentary movie

Mexico City, 29.08

Semana De Solidaridad Con lxs Presxs Anarquistas
29 de agosto

  • 1pm: cafeteria balcon de Ema Goldman
  • 1pm – 4pm: taller de grabado
  • 4pm – 7pm: taller de serigrafia
  • 7pm: Miero Ablerto,
  • venta de comida vegetariana en beneficio a Miguel Peralta Betanzos


Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners
August 29th

  • 1 pm: cafeteria balcony of Ema Goldman
  • 1pm – 4 pm: printing workshop
  • 4 pm – 7pm: screen printing workshop
  • 7 pm: mlero Ablerto
  • sale of vegetarian food for the benefit of Miguel Peralta Betanzos

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