Spain 2018

New Fanzine for the week of solidarity: “Never surrender. Compilation of statements and letters of anarchists imprisoned in the social war “

This compilation that you have in your hands arises in the Week of International Solidarity with the Prisoner Anarchists. We have decided to collect statements from comrades before the judges who tried to impose punishment, or letters reflecting from within the walls. His sharp words cut with determination, standing firm against the moral force of the law and his henchmen. This point of no return that characterizes us anarchists, where giving up means to stop living, is transmitted not only with the actions for which they were physically locked up but also by their combative attitude against the people who hold the power of their bodies in those moments.

We do not have to have an affinity with everything that is expressed here, we simply want to express its strength in a tangible way as a form of solidarity.

From here, in the streets, now and always we send encouragement and anger at Lisa, the comrades of Scripta Manent, at 9 in Turin, all those arrested because of the G20 revolts, those imprisoned because of the May 1 events in Yogyakarta, Juan Aliste and Marcelo Villarroel , the prisoners of the CCF and all the repressed partners around the globe who we can not mention because we would need thousands of pages.

Rage and attack against all domination!
Down the walls that enclose our lives!

Solidarity Anonymous, August 2018


-Declaration by Alfredo Cospito

-Written by Lisa, anarchist prisoner in Aachen for robbery

-Political statement of Panagiotis Argyrou for the trial for the attempted escape of the CCF

-Discussion before the Judge for the events of 29-M

– Cedar letter on charges of conspiracy, Baton prison and solidarity

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