Music in solidarity with anarchist prisoners: Bleaeck ‘The Sun/Diffusion’ album release (For ‘Till All Are Free’)

it’s been nearly two years since Thuh & Bleaeck released our initial mainstream musical publication, ‘Strike!’ in solidarity with the national prison strike of 09/09/16.  Now, we’re pleased to schedule the third part of this year’s trilogy during the annual week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners and a renewed prison strike action.

‘The Sun/Diffusion’ emphasizes prog/ambient-rock guitar structures mixed with experimental electronics as a means of echoing mechanized [post]industrial civilixyzation – a sort of commentary on industrial noise and incidental melody.  The album also continues the Bleaeck sense of nature-study and the exploration of natural phenomena…
When we were locked up, it was days without feeling the sun on our skin.  The experience of being behind bars galvanized our affinity (and haunting) towards noise music.  It takes great imagination for the prisoner to practice cognitive dissonance – the survival mechanism of a captive.

We hope this album summons to some degree the grief for natural destruction and the locking of any animal/human life in caverns of steel and decay.  Yet too, that there is a recognition and pseudo-celebration of life in the impermanence of industrial slavery; ultimately that chaos reigns and is beautiful.

Til All are Free!

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