From Sacco and Vanzetti to the Craigavon 2: A Call Out for Support and Solidarity

The 23rd of August marks the 91st anniversary of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. They were both executed in the US in 1927 for the robbery of a shoe factory and the killing of a guard and paymaster. During their trial the prosecution produced conflicting ballistic evidence and witness testimony. The defence had several witnesses testifying where the accused men were on the day of the robbery and killings. This should have proven Sacco and Vanzetti innocence but instead both were convicted and sentenced to death. They were killed for their beliefs, they were insurrectionary anarchists “that advocated relentless warfare against a violent and oppressive government.”

Like Sacco and Vanzetti, the state scapegoated Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton (their case is known as the Craigavon 2) , for revenge over killing of a cop and two British soldiers in 2009. The cops arrested and charged several republicans in connection with the killings. In all cases the only real evidence the state had was that all the accused were republicans. Two people, John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville were charged and convicted of the killing of the cop. Two others, Colin Duffy and Brian Shivers, were charged with the killing of the soldiers. The latter were subsequently found not guilty of the killings of the soldiers, the state had no evidence on them.


Like with Duffy and Shivers the state have no real evidence on John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville. The only evidence produced by the state was circumstantial evidence and a witness statement from a proven liar, whose own father came forward denouncing his son as such, and the partner of the witness that was with him on the night of the killing cannot confirm his version of events. So what really convicted John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville were their belief in the republican struggle and for the state to save face and for the revenge on what were the first killings of British armed forces in Ireland since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.


The Craigavon 2 need support and solidarity, they are are going on their tenth year of imprisonment. Brendan McConville is a father of two, was 37 in 2009 when first imprisoned, Brendan has to do at least 25 years before being considered for parole. John Paul Wootton was 17 years old when first imprisoned, he wasn’t even an adult and has been in prison ever since, John Paul has to do at least 18 years before being considered for parole. John Paul now describes himself as an anarchist, and so is added to the long list of anarchists in prisons across the globe from Chile to Russia.

Their only hope is for an appeal in court, their case needs to be made known and their campaign needs to grow to put pressure on those in power


For further information on cases of John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville see:

August 26th in Moscow, Russia: Solidarity Reading with anarchic prisoners

In the round hall of the Sakharov Center about ~ 35 people gathered to read the stories of political prisoners, and to make with their own hands and sign postcards for them. We presented our diy-zine with the names of prisoners, and afterwards the stories of Viktor Filinkov – the arrested under the “Network” case, the Russian anarchist Ilya Romanov, the Crimean libertarian activist Yevgeny Karakashev, the participant of the Greek “Revolutionary Struggle” Nikos Maziotis and Paula Rupa, the Italian anarchist Madalena Calore , Spanish activists Giovanni Barcia and Claudio Lavazzi, Azerbaijani students Bayram Mamedov and Giyas Ibrahimov, Belarusian Svyatoslav Baranovich, who was defending anarchists during their detention in Minsk.

After the reading, a small discussion took place, after which the participants began to create postcards. Also at the meeting it was possible to purchase  magazines “Autonom” and books of the publishing house Radical theory and practice. Thank you all! We urge you to write letters to political prisoners not only during themed days and events, but whole year! Your support is invaluable!

The day before Reading, on Saturday, the activists of “Food not Bombs” took part in the DIY-culture festival Horizontal. We organized table for making postcards, and all proceeds from the sale of food and zines from both days will go to the ABC-Moscow. Thanks again to all and remember: the more we are – the more we can do.

Solidarity forever!

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August 26th, Bern, Germany: transparents for anarchist prisoners

Tonight, the Anarchist Group Bern, the Revolutionary Youth Group Bern and individuals in a joint action have reminded the many anarchist prisoners around the world, such as in Russia, the prisoners of the United States in campaign of the Prison Strike. This was part of the solidarity week for anarchist prisoners. Inside and outside – united we stand! Therefore, on the 28th and 29th of September, let us join the fight of all anarchists and take the protest against Erdogan, Steinmeier and all other rulers to the streets.

After the determined protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg, the state has blown to chase the radical left. The campaign “united we stand” solidarises with the prisoners. Solidary greetings go out to the two friends from Frankfurt, which became the latest target of repression. More info at:

In Russia, anarchists were abducted and tortured by the state. They are accused of being members of a terrorist group. More information at:

In the US on 21 August a coordinated strike action was called in the US jails. Previously, dozens of anti-fascists had been acquitted of the so-called # J20 protests against Trump’s inauguration. More information at: #prisonstrike

Thousands of revolutionaries are also in jails in Turkey. Nevertheless, the Kurdish movement and anarchists of the DAF defy the regime of Erdogan.

August 25th: Infotable for anarchist prisoners on the festival “Horizontal” in Moscow

“Horizontal” is an annual feast of DIY culture. The basis of its philosophy has always been independence from the comprehensive logic of Capital, mechanization of interactions and formalization of discourse. On one of the festival spots from 13 pm was an info-table where anyone could write letters and postcards to anarchist prisoners in Russia – the defendants of the “Network” case, Alexander Kolchenko, Yevgeny Karakashev, Ilya Romanov. There was also a distro with t-shirts and bags from and various literature. All proceeds will go to support the arrested people in the “Network” case.

Next was the Food not bombs info-table. They presented their zine with the stories of political prisoners, they fed people and helped with writing letters to prisons.

August 25 in Helsinki, Finland: Support Events

On August 25, 2018, in the frame of the 6th international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, anarchists held several support events in Helsinki.

At the multicultural festival “Puhos loves people”, a group of anti-fascists from the collective “Friend’s Network” organized the table with vegan pancakes, T-shirts and bags for the collection of funds needed to pay lawyers for the anti-fascist “Network” case, the organization of parcels for other political prisoners anarchists. As a result of sales, we collected several hundred euros.

In the evening of the same day, a meeting of the Anarchist Black Cross of Helsinki was held in the “Kirkuk” cafe at the “Pujos” festival. A film screening of video materials on the “Network” case was organized, we told in detail about the essence of the case, about the tortures of arrested anarchists, about repressions against the anarchist movement in the Russian Federation. After that, a collective writing of letters and postcards for anarchists prisoners was organized. About ten people wrote letters and postcards and by this supported the arrested and convicted comrades.

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Report on Solidarity evening from Irkutsk, Russia!

On August 25, an evening of support for political prisoners was hold in the open space Black Square.

After a brief introduction about the problem of repression and political persecution of anarchists, we watched the film “Sacco and Vanzetti”. The film proved to be very atmospheric, with good soundtrack. This picture very true showed how the judicial system can work when political interests enter into the game. It all ended very sad.

Then there was a small discussion on the law and rights, the prison system and our attitude towards it. There was tea and tasty food – thank you for participating!

Solidarity from Rostock, Germany

On saturday 25th august f gathering of 20 persons of the small town Rostock in the North-east Germany were held to reminde about the anarchists and antifascists, who were arrested and tortured in custody in Russia.

The Activists wanted to show, that they are angry and sad about the situation of theire like-minded friends in Pensa and ST. Petersburg.
They hold a banner with the following demand:

“Stop torture now
Stop FSB-Terror
Free Anarchists and antifascists”

They want to send solidarity-Greatings and power to the arrested persons, their families, friends and supporter.
Don’t give up – hold on – you are not allone

Субботу 25ого августа в маленьком городе Росток в северо-восточной Германии около 20 неравнодушных собирались и воспоминали о атифашистам и анархистам, которые задержали и пытали в СИЗО в России.

Активисты хотели показать, что они сердиты и что им грустно о ситуации сторонников в Пензе и СПБ.
Они подняли баннер со следующим требованием:

“Прекратите Пытки сразу
Остановить террор ФСБа

Освободите Антифашистов и анархистов”.

Они еще хотили передать солидарный привет и силу заключенным и им родственникам, друзьям и сторонникам.
Не сдавайтесь – держитесь – вы не один.

“Am Samstag, den 25. August versammelten sich in der kleinen Stadt Rostock im Nordosten Deutschlands ca. 20 Leute und gedachte den Antifaschisten udn Anarchisten, die verhaftet und in der U-Haft in Russland gefoltert wurden.

Die Aktivist_innen wollen Zeigen, dass sie wütend und traurig über die Situationen ihrer Gleichgesinnten in Pensa und St. Petersburg sind.
Sie hielten ein Banner mit folgender Forderung:

“Stoppt sofort die Folter
Stoppt den FSB-Terror
Lasst die Antifaschisten und Anarchisten frei”

Sie wollen damit darüberhinaus die Inhaftierten, ihren Angehörigen und Freunden solidarische Grüße und Kraft senden.
Gebt nicht auf – haltet durch – ihr seid nicht allein.