This was 6th international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

The sixth year of the solidarity week ended up with nearly 60 events and actions happening all around the world. Austria, Germany, Poland, Greece, France, Netherlands,Georgia, Russia, Italy, Czech, Belarus, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Rojava, Australia, Mexico, US, Canada! And this is the list of those events that we got reports from. We hope that there […]

August 28th in Murmansk, Russia: event of solidarity with political/anarchists prisoners

On August 28, an event of solidarity with political prisoners-anarchists was held in Murmansk. Within the framework of the solidarity week, a film screening of “In the Name of the Father” was organized in the city. Before the screening, the audience could donate some money and get some hot tea and vegan cuisine. All donations […]

August 26th in Moscow, Russia: Solidarity Reading with anarchic prisoners

In the round hall of the Sakharov Center about ~ 35 people gathered to read the stories of political prisoners, and to make with their own hands and sign postcards for them. We presented our diy-zine with the names of prisoners, and afterwards the stories of Viktor Filinkov – the arrested under the “Network” case, […]

August 25th: Infotable for anarchist prisoners on the festival “Horizontal” in Moscow

“Horizontal” is an annual feast of DIY culture. The basis of its philosophy has always been independence from the comprehensive logic of Capital, mechanization of interactions and formalization of discourse. On one of the festival spots from 13 pm was an info-table where anyone could write letters and postcards to anarchist prisoners in Russia – […]